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Art of Selection
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The Lottery Newsletter - May 2003
Does one of these statements sound familiar to you? You played 10 sets in your favorite lottery and once again the same thing happened: You were not even close to a hit or you just missed a hit by one number.

Insights on how to predict future lottery numbers
How can we change that? It is actually easier than you think. We need a few things to get started:

  • A decent statistical background of the lottery we play
  • A decent number of current drawings to work with
  • A decent strategy based on 1) and 2) to pick the numbers
In this article these three topics will be described based on recent examples. This article is the base of 4 new tools developed that currently help many users to win the lottery more often then ever before.

Statistical background
Probably the most difficult part of the challenge is to get the accurate background required to play a lottery. You will find chances on the Lottery that you are playing on the web site of your state or country but what really is behind it is hard to figure out and how to adopt the knowledge to what numbers to pick is another story as well.

Example: Canada 6/49 with Bonus Number

First statistical question: When you pick numbers you play, should you pick a number that just came out in the last drawing?

From the statistical point of view: Definitely! In a 6/49 lottery with bonus number game the chances that none of the previously drawn numbers will reappear is only 31%! In 69% of cases at least one of the numbers that just came out will reappear. This is of course different in other lotteries!

Here the complete list of chances (including bonus number):

  • Chances for no number to repeat: 31.5%
  • Chances for 1 number to repeat: 43%
  • Chances for 2 number to repeat: 20%
  • Chances for 3 number to repeat: 4.5%
  • Chances for 4 number to repeat: 0.5%
  • Chances for 5 and more number to repeat: almost 0%
Second statistical question: How many 3 number wins can I expect when I play?

Not very many. Unfortunately! In a 6/49 lottery you can expect to hit 3 correct numbers only once in every 56 picks! To get 4 correct numbers you need about 1000 picks.

There is other statistical information to look at that should be looked at. For example most of the drawings contain between 2 to 4 even numbers and most of the drawings contain between 2 to 4 low numbers.

Drawings to work with
How many drawings should be look at when we are trying to find the right numbers to play with?

We use a rule of thumb that worked very well in past which is

Half of the number field divided by the numbers in a set. As an example 6/49:

  • 49 divided by 6 which is about 8
  • Half of 8 is 4.
4 previous sets should be looked at. That's what we going to do:

8 10 15 16 31 46 B25
15 21 31 36 44 49 B5
1 25 32 33 34 35 B7
5 7 18 30 37 46 B19
What do these previous drawings tell us? For example 15, 31 and 46 of the latest drawing were drawn twice as real numbers. Those might be good candidates to eliminate completely.

An unusual selection appeared three drawings ago. 32, 33, 34, 35 in one line. Only one low number 1. A good suggestion would be to eliminate this row from the evaluation.

Number Picking Strategy
What can the player learn from the statistical and drawing information?

Now that we know that in 69% of the cases at least one number repeats from the last drawing tells us: Every set you play should at least include a number that just came out!

Even/odds/highs/lows: Play only numbers with between 2 and 4 even numbers and between 2 and 4 high numbers.

The previous drawings show us to eliminate certain numbers, in this case 15, 31, 46. Eliminate numbers that where produced very often recently!

How do these selections work?
To show you an example of a tool that takes care of these selections for you here the selection of only 15 potential numbers of the Canadian 6/49 drawings picked the following choices:

1 02-03-07-25-42-48 3
2 06-07-10-39-42-43 1
3 06-07-10-29-42-43 1
4 07-10-26-27-29-36 1B
5 04-07-08-17-26-33 1
6 04-07-22-24-25-45 2
7 07-08-11-33-42-45 1
8 07-08-20-27-38-44 1B
9 01-07-10-12-29-42 1
10 03-07-25-28-40-42 3
11 03-07-25-28-42-48 4
12 02-07-20-25-42-48 3
13 07-08-09-20-27-44 2B
14 07-16-27-34-38-43 1B
15 07-12-16-34-38-43 1
The B stands for bonus number. You can see that within only 15 drawings the selection provided you with 3 times 3 correct numbers (usually this would require 168 picks!) and 1 time 4 correct numbers (usually would require at least 1000 picks!). What a difference!

As reference here the drawn numbers:

5 7 9 25 28 48 B27

Tools that use these strategies
To make these and additional strategies easily accessible to lottery players there are currently four tools (they all require Microsoft Excel TM) available for different lottery games. These tools are highly recommended by many users and testers:

  • PICK 3 Art of Selection Prediction Tool
  • PICK 4 Art of Selection Prediction Tool
  • PICK 5 and PICK 6 Advanced Lottery Prediction Tools
These tools can be purchased separately at the Lottery Store or you can join the LotteryPrediction.Net Tools User Group and get all of these Tools and many more for a one-time payment of only $48.50. The User Group Membership gives you the unique option to meet the "Professional" users of the tool in the MSN Tools User Group Forum


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