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Members love the new Site
Pick34 Special Users Group Web Site an instant Hit!

Quick Predict X Available Online!
Finally you can create your own Quick Predicts!

Ring Rotation System gets Overhaul
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Pick34 Special Users Group Web Site is the New Way of Winning
Lottery Newsletter - July 31, 2007 - Special Edition
And Special they are! It started as a request by members of the Lottery Secrets Group. Is it possible to create a group that works together to improve the playing? Can members combine their skills and experience to support others and at the same time minimize the work?

Welcome to the the Pick34 Special Users Group
The answer is the Pick 34 Special Users Group or P34SUG for short. I started this group only one month ago and the current members are very active in offering each other help, number selections. In addition suggestions for more tools and systems came though, which are slowly implemented on the newly created Web Site for the group at

The purpose of the group is for all members to work together.
  • 1. By posting numbers for the the group for the states in which you live and play in.
  • 2. Sharing our different ways of coming up with numbers to play.
  • 3. Using the resources of the Special Members Group (software) to help in coming up with our own numbers.
  • 4. To lessen the load of our moderator... because posting numbers for all of the states is very time consuming work.
Tools never been designed before, such as Big John's Pairs Group Reduction Tool 3, a very simple but powerful way of reducing your number selections based on number patterns provided by Big John, a player and member from Florida. Or the Index Reduction Tool based on the features used by the Monthly and Weekly Index Forecasts to create affordable number selections for every state.

There is of course a huge amount of work involved, not only for the maintenance, but especially in the design and implementation of new features. Currently new features, forecasts, tools are almost added daily to provide support for members as soon as they area available. At the same time it is key to keep the monthly membership fees as low as possible.

You can still now join the group as a Founding Member with reduced membership fees until the beginning of August.

What are the advantages of being a P34SUG member?
you have access to numerous Special Services such as:

P34SUG PICK 3 Forecasts:
  • Weekly Index Forecasts
  • Quick Weekly Forecasts
  • Last Week's Forecasts
  • Monthly Index Forecasts
  • Quick Monthly Forecasts
P34SUG PICK 4 Forecasts:
  • Quick Monthly Forecasts
And tools that are not available anywhere else like

Pick 3 Special Systems:
  • Quick MasterMind PICK 3 - 27 Numbers
  • Quick WildWheel PICK 3 - 27 Numbers
Pick 4 Special Systems:
  • Quick MasterMind PICK 4 - 36 Numbers
  • Quick MasterMind PICK 4 - 16 Numbers
And much more.....

Power Forecast Users join the Pick34 Special Users Group
Among others Dr. Zid, from Northern California, known for the successful ZID system, one of the few Strictly Straight PICK 3 systems on the Market says: "I am very impressed with your Power Forecast PICK 3 system", while he signed up for the Special Users Group last Friday.

On the Group Home Page you will be able to use Special versions of the Power Forecast PICK3 and Pick 4. especially designed for professional use and 2 weekly (PICK 3) or 4 weekly play (PICK 4).

Quick MasterMind 4 available now!
Two versions of the MasterMind 4 that were never released before can now be accessed online by P34SUG members. When designing the famous MasterMind 3 a version of the Pick 4 version was in the drawer. Now with the creation of the new group I pulled it out to show its potential to the public in a 36 numbers and 16 numbers version.


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